Erotic Paranormal Romance

Cover of Erotic Paranormal Romance Wester Mystery Book 1: Redtail

Three-book series. Time travel, romance, and adventure in the Old West.

eBook and Paperback


Strange Art

Series cover for Art Etrange

Two-book series. Arthur knows words, but his images bring dreams to life.

eBook and Paperback


Model Student

Six-volume set of the Model Student Series

Six-book series. Artist/athlete overcomes depression to find love.

eBook and Paperback


Pygmalion Revisited

Cover for Pygmalion Revisited

Six stories retelling the famous myth of a sculptor who fell in love with a statue.

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Living Next Door to Heaven

Cover of Living Next Door to Heaven Book 1: Guardian Angel

Nine-book series. Coming of age in Indiana and making polyamory work.

eBook only


Wonders of My World

Series cover for Wonders of My World

Three-book series. The erotic journey of Aroslav as told to Devon Layne.

eBook and Paperback

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